Drone racing is growing in popularity each year. Many drone racing tournaments are organized each year around the world. Tournaments where drone owners from around the globe gather and compete with each other for the cash and other prizes. One such event happened last year in my city (Belgium) where winning prize money was whopping $2000. I had also participated in that event and you would not believe I came last among the total 15 contenders J.

Still, it was a great experience and I was very happy with my performance. Because except me (btw I was just beginner at that time) all the other participants were expert in drone racing with an experience of at least three years behind them. I learned a lot from them, they told me things like, what to look for in a good racing drone before making a buying decision? what are the best racing drones available in the market right now for the beginners? And, how much a beginner should be willing to invest in additional accessories if he/she wants to compete with the best of the best in this field.

Here in this article, I am sharing all that information with you. You will find information’s about some of the Best RTF Racing Drones for Beginners and Professionals available in the market, drone that can help you experience the thrill of drone racing with your friends.

We have divided this list into following two categories,

  • Best RTF Racing Drones for Beginners
  • Best RTF Racing Drones for Professionals.

Before that,

Quick Comparision: Best Racing Drones

ImageProductBest for:Price* (Dollars)
best racing dronesHS150KidsUnder 50
Mini Racing Drone KidsUnder 50
R011BeginnersUnder 100
FidgetkitBeginnersUnder 100
HS230BeginnersUnder 50
XDR220ProfessionalsUnder 500
Rodeo 110ProfessionalsUnder 150
C250 V2ProfessionalsUnder 300
F210ProfessionalsUnder 350
X-Speed 280V2ProfessionalsUnder 350

*Price daily changes on Amazon, Click check button to see current pricing in a new tab.


Features you should look for in a good Racing Drone,

a) Speed

Like in any race, Speed and Acceleration are the two important factors that play an important role in deciding the winner and loser. Always look for top speed and how powerful is your motor in your drone.

b) Weight

Second important factor that can dramatically change the situation of the race is the weight of your drone. In simple words, the weight of your drone is directly proportional to the speed of drone. The Lighter body will allow the drone to be more maneuverable and agile. In addition to that, the device will also consume less battery.

c) Durability

Well, Durability of your drone does not make any difference to the result of the race but still, it is an important factor. Because no matter how experienced pilot you are, you are surely going to crash your drone somehow. Moreover, we all know drone racing is an expensive sport where some custom built drone costs more than 500-800 dollars. Therefore, no one would want his/her drone to get broken just after the first crash. That is the reason why always make sure your drone is strong enough to withstand any crashes.

Note: – Always look for drones made of carbon fiber body. Carbon fiber is the lightest and strongest material known to human.

d) Camera

A racing drone equipped with a camera measures resolution in a TVL (600TVL, 700TVL, 1000TVL, etc.) rather than using 720p, 108p or HD. Even though their image quality is not that great as compared to HD cameras still drone racers use them for a variety of reasons.

First, they consume less power which allows the racer to get extended flying time. Second, their transmission rate is faster than HD resolution images that eventually helps in reducing video latency. And third reason is, simply you do not need it. While racing you do not need high-resolution image, average or below average image can also do the task. To know more about TVL, Click here to learn from an expert.

So let’s get started:-


Best Racing Drones for Beginners & Kids

In this category, we have included drones that are inexpensive, drones that are fast, drones that are extremely durable and are ready to fly out of the box. Drones listed here are intended for users who are new to drone world. Those who don’t know anything about racing drone. Drones mentioned below will introduce them to the racing world of drones. They will get the feel of racing drones, they will learn how fast these drones can be, they would understand how difficult or easy is to fly them. Drones mentioned here are just for the amateur of beginners so don’t expect to win any tournaments with them. They are good for just learning purpose. If you are already familiar with all these then this category is not for you, jump to next one.

1) Holy Stone HS 150

best racing dronesHS 150 by Holy stone is an awesome beginner’s racing drone that will cost you around $45. Just by looking at it you’d think it is a high end expensive quad, but we assure you it is one of the best racing drone under 50 dollars. In fact, we were so impressed with it that we have also included this into our best drones under 50 dollars list.

Listed below are the specs and features:-

­Takes a 600mAh battery

Comes with an extra battery

-In-built high power motors allows it to achieve the maximum speed of 50km/h within a seconds.

Uses a 2.4GHz transmission with 4 channel for extended range.

Transmitter operating range is about 50-70meters

Uses a 6-axis gyro system for better stability.

Can perform various flight movement and continuous rolling in any direction.

Total flight time of between 6-7 minutes.

– Battery takes around 90 minutes to get fully charged.



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2) Coolmade Mini Racing Drone

cheapest racing drone

This mini racing quadcopter is currently going for around 27 dollars. It is the perfect mini-racing drone for those wanting for the cheapest racing drone possible that still has a lot to offer.

Here are the amazing features this drone offers:-

-Features headless mode, one key 360° flips, altitude hold and return to home.

-Has LED lights for low visibility flying

-Takes a 3.7V 250mAh lithium battery.

-Total flight time of up to 8 minutes on a single charge.

– Device is easy and fun to fly and comes with a responsive controller.

-Controller requires three AA batteries. (Not included)

-Comes with a 12-month warranty.

The biggest pro of this drone is its durability. I was quite surprised with the amount of beating it took. Despite its super small size, it easily passed our crash test with perfect score. Credits also go to beautifully designed prop guards, that easily sock up the impact of the collision.


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3) Redpawz R011 FPV Racing Drone

best beginners fpv racing drone

R011 from REDPAWZ will cost you around 95 dollars, making it second most expensive drone on his list. Drone however has some specs and features that surely justifies its price.

Listed below are the specs and features:-

– Features a headless mode, one-key return, 360 flips & rolls, and 3-speed modes.

– Equipped with the 120° wide-angle camera which allows you to take high-resolution images and videos during flight.

– Comes with 3-inch high-quality goggles for easy FPV viewing and drone racing.

– It works on 5.8G frequency band which results in less video latency.

-It comes with a very powerful motor that can run up to 61000RPM

– Runs on a 200mAh battery that gives around 4-5 minutes of flight time.

FPV and VR headset compatibility is the biggest pros of this quad. It is a perfect drone for someone looking for an authentic drone race experience but has been limited on budget.


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4) FPV Quadcopter from FidgetKit

One of the most popular drone in this list, this FPV quadcopter from the manufacturer FidgetKit has gained quite a following among the racing drone enthusiasts. The best part about this quad is how easy it is to control and fly. Some users reported that it seemed bit intimidating at first but once they started to fly they realized how easy it truly is.


– Takes 600mAh LiPo modular batteries.

–  Total flight time of between 5-8 minutes.

– Features various flight movement, headless mode and continuous roll mode.

– G-sensor mode enables the small quadcopter to automatically follow the way you tilt your smartphone.

-Charging takes around 30 to 50 minutes

– Has a transmission range up to 60m

– Thanks to its brushless powerfull motors it can easily achieve a maximum speed of 50km/h.


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5) Holystone HS230

best beginners racing drone

Next on the list is HS 230 from Holy Stone. This drone comes in at the price tag of around 150 dollars which is a little bit expensive compared to other drones in this list. However, because of the amazing features, it offers for that price we’ve decided to add it here.


-It can reach up to maximum speed on 45km/h

– Runs on a 750mAh modular batteries.

– There are two batteries and two charging cable included in the package to simultaneously charge both batteries.

–  Comes with a 720P camera capable of taking videos in HD resolution.

-Supports FPV functionality where the user can directly see the live ariel feed on the controller screen.

– Runs on a 5.8GHz analog signal that results in no lag or latency in the video feed.

– Total flight time of between 8-9 minutes.

– Body is made of an extremely durable material

-Comes with three-speed mode suitable for both beginner and expert.




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Best RTF Racing Drones for Professionals

Next category is best racing drones for serious users. Professionals in this field always custom build their drone. They always modify their aircraft to get the best result. If you are not yet ready to take the route of building your own custom drone because of the amount of technical knowledge it requires and the headache it can give then RTF (Ready-to-Fly) drones would be a good route to take.

There are a lot of good drones available in the market from top manufacturers.  Drones mentioned here are RTF (Ready-To-Fly) meaning all of them comes with everything you need it to fly it straight out of the box without the need of assembling anything.

1) XDR220 RTF FPV Racing Drone

best racing drones for professional

The Force1 DYS XDR220 is an awesome drone that comes with everything you need to fly it out of the box. Package includes FPV goggles, Radiolink transmitter, solid carrying case and a balance charger. You won’t find a better RTF racing kit that can even compete with the DIY kits. In terms of build quality, this drone is quite tough and can easily withstand any crashes. Credit goes to its sturdy and durable body where the frame is made of Carbon fiber (one of the toughest material known to human).

This DYS XDR220 gets its power from SE2205 2300kv brushless motor that is run by 1300mAh 3S battery. We have also tested 4S 1300mAh battery, it performed even better with that. We got a thrust-to-ratio of over 5 times.

In terms of controllability, Drone comes with a radio link AT-9 transmitter that boasts a fast 3ms response time. The drone has an impressive ground range of up to 3,000ft. To enjoy the view at such long range, transmitter comes with a bright color LCD display. In addition to that, the company has also provided an FPV goggles in the package. All in all, if you’re looking to get into serious FPV drone racing, We definitely recommend Force1’s racing kit.


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2) Walkera Rodeo 110

If you are new to professional drone racing but don’t want to invest in big & powerful drones at the start then you can invest in something small like Rodeo 110 from Walkera. Rodeo 110, despite its tiny size, is an extremely well-built drone. Its 2mm carbon fiber frame allows the drone to be corrosion resistant, impact resistant. It can easily survive any intensive crashes.

Tiny size doesn’t mean it flies like a pig, thanks to its powerful brushless motors it easily generated 2.9 times of thrust to body ratio. Which is quite powerful considering the size of the drone.

Tiny body and powerful motors does not mean a shorter endurance life. You can easily get up to 6 minutes of flight time on a single charge. Credit goes to its highly efficient power system and high powered 850mAh battery.

Here are some additional features of the drone:-

– Rodeo110 uses integrated PCB circuit board, inherit PDB, flight control, transmission, receiver and other modules in one, the size is only 33mmx68mm.

– The device is equipped with 600TVL wide-angle HD camera that is switchable from 25mw – 200mw. The good thing about the camera is you can also adjust the camera angle between 0°- 45°.

-Strong LED/ Searchlight in front allows the camera to take the clearer image in low light condition.

-Rodeo110 comes in BNF (Bind-n-Fly) and RTF model. RTF model comes with DEVO 7 transmitter which works on 2.4GHz frequency. If you already own a transmitter then buy a BNF model. It will save you some money.

-The main electric board comes with a PPM/S-BUS receiver which enables the drone to be controlled with another transmitter.

– Flying time: 6-7minutes, Battery: LiPo 7.4V 850mAh

– Weight: 101g

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3) ARRIS C250 V2

Top racing drone for experts

Arris is a well-reputed name in the world of drone racing kits. Racers throughout the world have appreciated the drones manufactured from ARRIS. Today we are gonna talk about C250 V2 which is an upgraded version of its bestseller C250. It has a more powerful motor, highly durable propellers, and a better camera.

Here are some of the great features of C250 V2-

-Drone is made of pure carbon fiber material where arms are made of 4mm carbon fiber material and side and the upper plate are 1.5mm made of pure carbon fiber material to ensure the strength of the frame.

-It gets it power from 2300KV brushless motors that weigh only 35g. Despite its small size, it offers great performance at an affordable price.

– C250 V2 is equipped with specially designed 3-bladed propellers which is specially designed for speed racing. They are 10% more efficient than normal propellers.

– It sports an ARRIS XAT700M HS1177 camera that is capable of giving 700TVL images

-The drone also comes with high brightness 7 colored LEDs which is installed on two sides of the frame. You can change the color manually through DIP switches.

-Flying Time: 10min hovering, Battery: ARRIS 4S 1500mah 50C Lipo, Wheelbase: 250mm, Weight: 350g.

ARRIS C250 V2 Unboxing Video


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4) Walkera F210

We have another racing drone from Walkera, and this time, it’s the Walkera F210. It comes in a well designed ready to fly package which brings everything you need to step into FPV racing at just around 350 dollars. Let’s start with its design, F210 comes with a modular design where basically every part is just plug and play. The biggest advantage of this design is you can easily replace or upgrade any faulty parts.

Like any other drones in this list, F210’s body is also made of carbon fiber. In addition to that, it has an aluminum frame at the front and a protective motor cover, landing guard and a frame design that makes F210 easily passed various rigorous reliability tests like a crash test, drop test, bending resistant test, etc.

-For long range transmission, Drone has been equipped with a mushroom antenna. Even with FPV, we found the image/video transmission to be smooth without any lag.

-The camera on this is 700TVL with a manually adjustable angle where the user can adjust the angle of the camera according to their needs. It also has a night vision capabilities and high performance sensors that automatically adjust the display according to the lighting condition.

Weight: 370g, Battery: 4S 14.8V 1300mAh, Flight time: 10-13mins, Range: 800m


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5) ARRIS X-Speed 280 V2

Next on the list is X-Speed 280 V2 from ARRIS, it is an upgraded version of its best-seller X-speed 280 with more powerful (ARRIS S2205 2300KV) motor and an upgraded radio.

-Drone is equipped with 2.8mm lens digital 700TVLCCD camera. The performance is super stable and the picture is high quality.

-It comes with a 3-bladed strong and powerful propeller.

-Controllable range of the drone is about 900m thanks to newly released AT9S  radio link channel which supports 10CH radio.

-Battery here is 4S 1500mAh LiPo battery.

-It also has a Self-level mode. This mode allows the device to hover at the same place when you leave the stick at the center.


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Q- How fast is a racing drone?

A- Drone racing is a high-speed competitive sport where skilled pilots from around the world fly quad-copter drones through three-dimensional courses at speed up to In fact, one such custom made drone made by the engineers at Drone Racing League (DRL) reached the maximum speed of 163.5mph (263.1 km/h). It also holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest drone in the world.

Source: (https://futurism.com/the-fastest-drone-on-earth-just-reached-speeds-over-163-mph/)


Q- What are the different types of drone race?

A- FPV racers currently have the option of competing for 3 types of races,

  • Rotorcross– Two or more racers compete for each other to reach the finish line first.
  • Drag Race– A straight-line race between two or more multirotors over a short distance (usually 100m or 100yds). This tests acceleration and top speed.
  • Time Trial– Each drone racers race alone against the clock.


Q- How to get started with drone racing?

A- Drone racing tournaments are being organized all over the US. Simple Google search can tell you the location and schedule of the tournament happening near you. Sign up well in advance of the actual event and review all of the rules to make sure you’re in compliance. In addition to that, you can also join communities like US Drone Racing Association, prestigious Academy of Model Aeronautics and Academy of Model Aeronautics. You can also find local drone racing meetups and user groups on Reddit.

Initially try to attend some races just as a spectator to get the feel of the event, try to talk to other drone racers about your desire to get started. Try to learn from their experience.


Q- What if I want to custom built my drone?

A- Well, we do not recommend this to the beginners because of the amount of technical knowledge it needs but if still, you want to learn the process there are a lot of YouTube videos available online that can help you with that. In addition to that, you should also join different online forums. There are dozens of enthusiast blogs and forums on the Internet where dedicated drone racers hang out and discuss the finer points of mudding, race rules and the latest gear. Some of them are:- RCGROUPS, FPVLab, DIYDrones, Reddit/fpvracing, Reddit/Multicopter.


Q- How much you should be willing to spend in this sport?

A- Drone racing is an expensive sport where some custom made drone costs above 800-1000 dollars. Apart from that, if you are going to race, then you need to invest in plenty of replacement parts such as batteries props, ESCs, frames and Because no matter how expert you are, you are going to crash your drone somehow sometimes. In addition to that, If you are going to take the route of building your drone by yourself, you need to bind it with a nice FPV goggles and a transmitter also.



This concludes our list of best ready to fly racing drones for beginners and professionals. We tried our best to give a complete set of information here to those who are interested in drone racing and seriously hope that we had cleared all your doubts and answered your questions here. Still, if we missed something or you have some interesting question for us, please do let us know in the comment section below.




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